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XC95m Gas Furnace

Communicating technology in a fully modulating furnace for the ultimate comfort and greater efficiency. The advanced ComfortLink™ II allows the XC95m to constantly calibrate itself for optimal performance year after year.


Efficient performance

  • The XC95m is rated with up to 97.3% efficiency (AFUE) and select furnace models are Energy Star qualified.
  • ComfortLink™ II Communicating Capability
  • ComfortLink™ II communicating technology connects all of your key components so your system automatically charges, configures and calibrates for optimal performance through the lifetime of your products.
  • Comfortable, even heating
  • Variable-speed blower motor adjusts speed to provide a consistent flow of warm, comfortable air with quiet operation.
  • Cleaner, healthier indoor air

Trane Gas Furnaces kc

Add Trane CleanEffects™ to your system for advanced air filtration that removes more dust, pollen and other irritants from conditioned air for a cleaner, healthier, more comfortable home. Every Trane furnace is packed with high-quality components. Each helps ensure that time after time, your unit will provide total comfort your family can rely on. The XC95m includes:
  • ComfortLink™ II communicating capability
  • Communicating user interface
  • Variable-speed blower motor
  • Fully modulating gas heat furnace provides greater fuel efficiency and ultimate comfort control
  • Heavy gauge, two-tone powder-painted cabinet
  • Increased dehumidification with Comfort-R™
  • Durable silicon nitride hot surface igniter
  • Multi-port, in-shot burners
  • One-piece aluminized steel primary heat exchanger
  • 24-volt fuse to protect controls
  • Insulated cabinet for quiet operation
  • Compatible with ERV, humidifier and air cleaner


  • Lifetime limited warranty on heat exchanger
  • 10-year limited warranty on internal functional parts.
  • If the product is not registered within 60 days of installation, Trane’s Base Limited Warranty terms will apply.
  • An option to purchase transferability of your Registered Limited Home System Warranty is available.
  • Optional Extended Warranties are available. Extended Warranties can pay for labor and other costs not covered by manufacturer’s limited warranty.
Ask your dealer for full warranty information at time of purchase. Warranties are for residential use only, some exclusions may apply.



AFUE stands for Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency. The Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) is a measure of a gas furnace’s efficiency in converting fuel to energy, by projecting the average thermal efficiency for a complete heating season. A higher AFUE rating means greater energy efficiency.


A heat pump, as part of a central heating and cooling system, uses the outside air to both heat a home in winter and cool it in summer.


A heat pump, as part of a central heating and cooling system, uses the outside air to both heat a home in winter and cool it in summer.


Technically, a heat pump is a mechanical-compression cycle refrigeration system that can be reversed to either heat or cool a controlled space. Installation for this type of system typically consists of two parts: an indoor unit called an air handler and an outdoor unit similar to a central air conditioner, but referred to as a heat pump. A compressor circulates refrigerant that absorbs and releases heat as it travels between the indoor and outdoor units.


Think of a heat pump as a heat transporter constantly moving warm air from one place to another, to where its needed or not needed, depending on the season. Even in air that’s seems too cold, heat energy is present. When it’s cold outside a heat pump extracts this outside heat and transfers it inside. When it’s warm outside, it reverses directions and acts like an air conditioner, removing heat from your home. One advantage of a heat pump is that it moves heat instead of generating heat, giving you more energy efficiency. Also, it is powered by electricity, so you can save substantially on fuel consumption. For example, a Trane XL20i heat pump is among the HVAC industry’s most efficient, with a rating up to 19.00 SEER and 9.00 HSPF. Note that heat pumps are best for moderate climates, and a supplemental heating source may be needed for lower temperatures. As a year-round solution for home comfort, Trane heat pumps can become a key part of your matched system. An independent Trane dealer can help you decide if a heat pump system is right for you.


You can do it yourself, or contact your local Trane Comfort Specialist for assistance.


You can do it yourself, or contact your local Trane Comfort Specialist for assistance.


A standard SD memory card (non HD/HC) with 80 MB of free memory and a computer with an SD card reader or a USB to SD card adaptor are required to complete the upgrade process. Then follow these steps. Upgrading the software on your ComfortLink™ II control will allow you to take advantage of the latest features and system enhancements. To see your currently installed software version, press the “Help” and then “About” buttons on your ComfortLink™ II control.
  • STEP 1 – Insert a blank SD card into your computer’s SD port or SD card reader.
  • STEP 2 – Right click on the following link.
  • Download Version 4.0.1 Software for the ComfortLink™ II Control STEP 3 – Follow the instructions for your web browser below:
Google Chrome – Select “Save link as..” – Save the file to the location of your SD card Internet Explorer – Click “Save Target As…” – Save the file to the location of your SD card Firefox – Click “Save Link As…” – Save the file to the location of your SD card
  • Safari – Click “Save” – Save the file to the location of your SD card
  • STEP 4 – Remove/eject the SD card from your computer.
  • STEP 5 – Insert the SD card into your ComfortLink™ II control.
  • STEP 6 – Press… Menu > Settings > Network > Software Upgrades > Next > then select “Check for upgrades on SD Card” to start the install process. Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the software upgrade.



The XL850 and XL824 controls connected to Nexia™ Home Intelligence will be upgraded automatically whenever a new software release is available.


Required: – Standard USB flash drive – USB-Micro USB adaptor (included with control) – Computer with USB port STEP 1 – Insert a USB flash drive into your computer’s USB port STEP 2 – Click on the following software upgrade link and download to the flash drive XL850: Download Version 3.0 Software XL824: Download Version 3.0 Software STEP 3 – Remove flash drive from your computer STEP 4 – Insert the Micro USB-to-USB adaptor cable, included with your control, into the Micro USB port on the side of the control. The control needs to remain powered during the upgrade process. Do not de-power the control or pull it off the wall during the upgrade process. STEP 5 – Connect the flash drive into the USB side of the cable STEP 6 – Press Menu > Settings > SW Upgrades. Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the software upgrade


Central heating and central cooling systems are separate things but they are matched to work together. Here’s how.


Central heating and central cooling systems are separate things but they are matched to work together. Here’s how.


The most common central cooling system is a split system, which includes an outdoor cabinet containing a condenser coil and compressor, and an indoor evaporator coil, usually installed in conjunction with your furnace or air handler. The compressor pumps a chemical called refrigerant through the system.


Once warm air inside your home blows across the indoor evaporator coil, its heat energy transfers to the refrigerant inside the coil. That transfer, in turn, “cools” the air. The refrigerant is pumped back to the compressor where the cycle begins again. The heat absorbed by the refrigerant is moved outside your home while cooled air is blown inside. Moisture that contributes to humidity is also condensed out of the air. Your cooling system is usually combined with your central heating system because they share the same ductwork for distributing conditioned air throughout your home.


Central heating systems have a primary heating appliance, such as a furnace, typically located in your basement or garage. All furnaces consist of four main components: 1) burners that deliver and burn fuel, 2) heat exchangers, 3) a blower and 4) a flue that acts as an exhaust for gaseous by-products. Depending on your situation, region and needs, you can choose from heating systems running on either gas or oil as fuel, or a hybrid packaged system that can use both fuel types.


Combustion gases are generated by the burners in your furnace and passed through a heat exchanger. Air from your home blows across the heat exchanger to be warmed. It is then blown through a system of ducts to distribute around your home. During warm seasons your heating system works with your central air conditioning. Air is cooled as it’s blown over your air conditioning unit’s cooling coil, often attached to the air circulating fan of the furnace, and then sent through the same air ducts throughout your home. Your local Trane Comfort Specialist can help you decide which central cooling and heating system is right for you. Trane matched systems can be customized with cooling and heating units that match your situation and let you choose from a range of energy efficiency.


Your 4-Step Home Checklist QUESTIONS TO ASK A DEALER Your 4-Step Home Checklist STEP 1: CONSIDER YOUR HOME Take a look at your current home environment and identify your comfort needs. Start by answering the following questions:
  • Do your heating and air conditioning bills seem too high?
  • Are any of your current HVAC system units too noisy?
  • Do you have a problem with humidity in the summer? Dry air in the winter?
  • Are there rooms that are always too hot or too cold?
  • Do you have pets or do any family members suffer from allergies?
  • Do cooking odors linger?
  • Is your current system still covered by a warranty?
  • Do you want more control over managing energy costs?
  • Do you want a unit that is backyard safe?
  • Do you want a system that’s easy to maintain? With a filter that’s easy to replace?
  • Is your current outdoor unit unattractive?
  • Is your current furnace’s short cycle constantly turning on and off?


Use this simple program to get a better of idea of which system can best meet your home comfort needs based on region, home size and average energy use. What’s right for my home?


Based on your current situation and home system, your Trane Comfort Specialist can help custom design a system and apply the precise Trane technology to achieve maximum efficiency, reliability and comfort to fit your needs and budget. Have this information ready when you set up your appointment:

Model and Serial Numbers Make a note of the model numbers and serial numbers on your current equipment. These should be found on a nameplate on the back of your unit (see image for example). And search your home files for the available paperwork.

Your Specific Needs Be ready to talk about where you live, the structure of your home, and any specific comfort needs (see Step 1). This is especially important and can streamline the discussion, helping your Trane Comfort Specialist determine the proper system type and size, and other components, for your home. Financing Remember, you‘re investing in year-round comfort—not to mention the long-term comfort of you and your family. Ask your Trane dealer about various financing options being offered by the dealership.


Remember, the more prepared you are, the simpler the process. So ask as many questions as you would like, during the call, in the email and at your kitchen table. Your Trane Comfort Specialist has the answers. You can even have them perform a structural analysis of your home if you would like, or instruct you on system maintenance and thermostat settings, because a Trane Comfort Specialist understands your complete comfort goes beyond heating and cooling.

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