Kansas City Furnace Flues

Kansas City Furnace Flues

Kansas City Furnace Flues

Do Not Flue The Furnace Into The Fire Place Chimney! It is dangerous and against city codes.

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Fireplace chimneys come in all shapes and sizes but regardless of the set up if you permit this part of your house to fall in neglect you are inviting carbon or fire monoxide poisoning to come into your house. This is a true issue and we are not trying to scare you but to make you alert of what is going on! Your furnace flue vents the fumes that build up after whatever fuel burned to warm your house. Oil soot and oil furnaces burn oil is very bad. This soot can and will eat away at the chimney liner within your chimney, so do not ever flue a furnace into a chimney. If you can see decay from the outside as an outcome of neglect from your furnace flue it is too late and you will need a chimney liner installed. There are very costly expect to pay approximately $2000 to have a stainless steel liner installed if you down within this category. If you have a gas furnace, the fuel burns a quite cleaner. But this flue still must be cleaned on a yearly basis when this flue is ignored; you run the danger of carbon monoxide poisoning. Further the soot that generates from gas is acidic which means this is going to eat away at your chimney flue. A yearly cleaning and inspection is all it takes to keep these issues at bay.

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