How to Complete an AC Compressor Replacement for a Broken Air Conditioning Compressor

How to Complete an AC Compressor Replacement for a Broken Air Conditioning Compressor

One of the most important components of an air conditioning unit is the compressor. At one point or another, an AC compressor replacement may be necessary. This is particularly true if your AC system is used often. Typically, the outer half of a regular AC system uses a specific refrigerant compressor. The compressor refers to the pump which is located inside the motor. The pump is the one in charge for puling heat refrigerant gas from the inner components of the room or the building. When the gas is drawn, it is also compressed. The gas, then, transforms from a lower pressure to a high pressured substance. The AC Compressor is vital to a functional Air Conditioning unit.How do these compressors work?The resulting gas which was changed into a high temperature and high pressure substance will then be transferred over to the condensing coil. This coil will cool the gas, turning it into liquid form. The gas is then cooled with the use of a blower or a fan inside the coil. A different method to cool the gas is by immersing the coil in cool water. However, at a certain point the compressor also gets tired down. This requires a replacement.How to complete an AC compressor replacement?

Step #1: Determine whether a problem exist with the compressor

Find out whether the compressor can still do its job inside the cooling system. Check whether the air temperature from the AC system is still cool or not. If not, this may be an indication that a replacement is needed.

Step #2: Identify the compressor type

Before purchasing a replacement for your AC compressor, it is very important to make sure that you are replacing it with the right model. If you do not have any idea where to get the model type of your compressor, go back to your manual, it is listed there.

Step #3: Turn the Electrical supply off

Before starting the replacement process, and before opening your AC unit, make sure that all electrical lines are turned off. This will make sure that accidents are avoided accordingly.

Step #4: Remove the refrigerant

This can be done by opening the cooling system, and then removing the refrigerant. The unit and the entire HVAC system need to be freed from all refrigerants before proceeding. The newest and most updated approaches call for capturing refrigerant, rather than releasing them outside. This new strategy is mostly applicable to newer AC models. Therefore, it is not needed to replace all of the compressor components.

Step #5: Cut the refrigerant lines

The refrigerant lines should be cut. Then, the compressor will be removed. It would be quite easy to locate the compressor, since it is located outside the system.

Step #6: Unbolt compressor

Even before the actual replacement, the compressor has to be unbolted first. During the process of unbolting, the hosing should be removed. Generally, these compressors have a single bolt. This regular setup offers holding of the high and low pressure lines. The compressor needs to be detached from the accessory bracket and holding. These lines should be attached again after the replacement process.

Step #7: Replace compressor

The new compressor to be used for the replacement needs to be placed inside the condenser unit. This can be done by connecting the refrigerant lines once again. Since it is also vital to replace the refrigerant, the other controls, as well as the condenser coils, need to be replaced too.

Step #8: Assemble unit

Once all the steps are done, it is time to assemble the unit again. Then, it will be connected over to the electric power source.

Step #9: Testing

This is the final part of the process. All you need to do is to turn the system on to see if it works, and observe whether the desired temperature is achieved. At times, simple troubleshooting needs to be done at this phase. There might be some loose parts that need to be tightened, as well as wires that need to be connected accordingly.Completing a replacement for the AC compressor is quite an easy task. However, if you feel that you do not have the knack for it, you can always ask the assistance of a reliable HVAC servicing provider. In line with this, it is very important to recognize the good deal by making a good decision in choosing a good company to handle your HVAC services. Aside from the reputation and the capability, they should also be able to educate you with the services they are providing. For instance, replacing your AC compressor can be done by yourself; a good service provider would be glad to educate you of the steps for your reference.

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