Heat Pump VS Furnace?

What are Differences between Heat Pump and Furnace?

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A furnace or heat pump will both keep your house hot, sure. But there are some little fundamental differences between these 2 pieces of heating technology. Each one has special advantages, but in many cases, installing a furnace or heat pump comes down to whether you use electricity or gas to heat your house. How your house is configured, domestic utilities and other reasons that came up when building your house have dictated what kind of system you have. Your heating and GAC cooling expert will tell you actually what you have. Anyway, it is vital to know the difference so you can ask the correct questions. A furnace uses propane or natural gas to make a flame that burns. The little flames hot up metal tubes known as heat exchangers. As the furnace fan forces air over these warm tubes the air is when heated up and enters the channel system to situation your house. It is a classic structure that jobs, producing a powerful heat that feels clearly hot coming up via your vents. A heat pump uses electricity to cool and heat your house. Outside your house, your heat pump looks just like an air conditioner during the hot period it jobs like one. Inside your house is an air handler. This is linked to your heat pump with copper tubing and wires. Your air handler has 2 vital parts a coil and fan. The fan works like a furnace fans and pushes air all through the house. If you have a warm pump, most homes have air source warm pumps, but there are some top efficiency geothermal systems that use the ground atmosphere to cool and heat the house. This option is primary more costly, but also more efficient. Heat pumps are a remarkable option in temperature climates, like what we have got here in Blue Springs and Kanas City. Actually, in this area many people with propane, oil or gas furnaces will warm pump to cool the house in the summer but then also warm the house until the temperature drops below 25 degrees. These are known as hybrid systems just like in vehicles. They are designed to be more competent and provide you the homeowner the choice based on comfort and energy costs. If you still have questions about the difference or are looking to change your heat pump or furnace contact AV heating and cooling and we will reply all your questions and support you the best heating system installed in your house.

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